The Cat Chronicles

I got a present today!

My friends Caryl and Margaret bought me this special present and Caryl gave it to me today when she came to visit. Gee, I’m such a lucky inn cat!

Tescher presentTescher bowlTescher with his bowl


Here comes the Sun!

After several weeks of overcast, drizzly weather, (that’s typical for Carmel in the summer) the sun has returned and me and my sidekick, Max Cat are out enjoying it today! Give the gals a call and enjoy our September Sunshine!

Cats in Sun


What’s so funny?

Yes, I was the model for the handmade rug in front of the fireplace here in the lobby at Carmel Country Inn.

Tescher on a Rug


Dave Lefner created this for me!

My good friend Dave was the featured artist at the very first Carmel Art & Film Festivel last year, stayed here at Carmel Country Inn with us and he created this one of a kind (as I am!) Reduction Linocut of me! You know, he created the Carmel Art & Film Festival logo/theme/sign last year – this guy is big time! Check out his other work at

Tescher Cat from Dave


The Cat Coach Lady says I’m Perfect as is our Pet Friendly Hotel in Carmel

My new friend, Marilyn Krieger, CCBC (that stands for Certified Cat Behavior Consultant) stayed here at our Pet Friendly Hotel in Carmel with her sister and mom, oh, and cutie pie Abigail, mom’s dog, and she thinks I’m perfect (like it takes an expert to tell me that).

Marilyn is a famous Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and she not only has a blog, but she also has a website, and is a contributing writer to Cat Fancy Magazine and Animal Planet’s Cats 101, so she knows a perfect cat like me when she sees one.

If you have one of those “typical” naughty felines, give Marilyn a call today and tell her you want your cat to be more like Carmel Country Inn’s Resident Cat, me, Tescher Cat.

pet friendly hotel in Carmel