Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world, the world of an Inn cat. I’m not just any ole alley cat, I’m Tescher Cat, named after the owner of the inn. I’ve been the official “Inn Cat” of Carmel Country Inn, Carmel’s Most Pet Friendly Inn, for almost 9 years. You see, I’ll be 14 years old in June, and Amy brought me to the Inn in September of 2001. I was hold up at the SPCA of Monterey County in a room full of adult cats, I’d been there for 3 months when Amy sprung me. I know, I know, 3 months is hard to believe with my handsome looks and cuddly disposition. I was the first cat she saw and I never took my eyes off her – she scooped me up and the rest is history. I had a previous blog, but it got erased – no one is really taking the blame for it, so I’ll try to make time out of my busy day of being petted, getting my photo taken by guests and napping, to update all of my fans on what’s happening here at Carmel Country Inn.


Tescher Cat

Tescher Cat

Stay Small, Stay Safe

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