AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament in 2 Weeks!

It’s just about that time again, when all the big name celebs (some who are close, personal friends of mine) and famous athletes, not to mention those professional golfers come to town and attract lots of pretty girls and such. Here at Carmel Country Inn, we still have rooms available, all you guys, it’s February 10-13, so you can bring your own pretty gal, watch some golf on the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course and treat her to a Romantic Valentines Weekend in Carmel, all at the same time. The gals have created some special February Packages to inhance your stay too! Check them out on our Specials Page of our website.

Sunny, Quiet and $50 OFF for January

Check it out, it’s going to be in the 60’s the entire week into next week the weather man says – the gals are offering $50 OFF all our rooms in January and it’s as Sunny as it is Quiet in Carmel this time of year – check our availability for give the gals a call (you don’t have to bring me a present, but it may get your name on my blog if you do!)

Dave Lefner created this for me!

My good friend Dave was the featured artist at the very first Carmel Art & Film Festivel last year, stayed here at Carmel Country Inn with us and he created this one of a kind (as I am!) Reduction Linocut of me! You know, he created the Carmel Art & Film Festival logo/theme/sign last year – this guy is big time! Check out his other work at

Here comes the Sun!

After several weeks of overcast, drizzly weather, (that’s typical for Carmel in the summer) the sun has returned and me and my sidekick, Max Cat are out enjoying it today! Give the gals a call and enjoy our September Sunshine!

I’ve been Published!

That’s right, pretty special, don’t you say – even though my photo is in “Doggie Aficionado Magazine” Summer 2010 issue. Carmel Country Inn is one of 18 Fabulous dog-Friendly Inns in the article. Notice me in one of my favorite chairs next to the fireplace – that’s my old friend Daisy Mae in the foreground.

Dolores is really Max

So you see,  it’s been about 18 months now, that a scrawny, dirty, hungry little grey striped cat showed up sleeping on the autumn display of hay bales and pumpkins and the gals thought it was a girl, since it was so scrawny, and they named it Dolores, since that’s the street the inn is on.  (I knew all along that he was a boy) then his really mother found him and told the gals his name was Mad Max.  He’s “mad” alright – turns out,  he was a wild kitten in Canada and they moved him to Carmel where he ran away and showed up here.  So you may be wondering then why is he still here – well,  it seems that Max didn’t like his new Carmel digs so he came right back here to the inn after his mother took him home, so he lives here now.  He’s still a little bit “mad” but is getting more used to the ins and outs of being an inn cat (2nd fiddle, inn cat, to me, that is)

Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world, the world of an Inn cat. I’m not just any ole alley cat, I’m Tescher Cat, named after the owner of the inn. I’ve been the official “Inn Cat” of Carmel Country Inn, Carmel’s Most Pet Friendly Inn, for almost 9 years. You see, I’ll be 14 years old in June, and Amy brought me to the Inn in September of 2001. I was hold up at the SPCA of Monterey County in a room full of adult cats, I’d been there for 3 months when Amy sprung me. I know, I know, 3 months is hard to believe with my handsome looks and cuddly disposition. I was the first cat she saw and I never took my eyes off her – she scooped me up and the rest is history. I had a previous blog, but it got erased – no one is really taking the blame for it, so I’ll try to make time out of my busy day of being petted, getting my photo taken by guests and napping, to update all of my fans on what’s happening here at Carmel Country Inn.


Tescher Cat