January 17, 2017 Amy Johnson

Carmel Travel Blog

Dolores is really Max

So you see,  it’s been about 18 months now, that a scrawny, dirty, hungry little grey striped cat showed up sleeping on the autumn display of hay bales and pumpkins and the gals thought it was a girl, since it was so scrawny, and they named it Dolores, since that’s the street the inn is on.  (I knew all along that he was a boy) then his really mother found him and told the gals his name was Mad Max.  He’s “mad” alright – turns out,  he was a wild kitten in Canada and they moved him to Carmel where he ran away and showed up here.  So you may be wondering then why is he still here – well,  it seems that Max didn’t like his new Carmel digs so he came right back here to the inn after his mother took him home, so he lives here now.  He’s still a little bit “mad” but is getting more used to the ins and outs of being an inn cat (2nd fiddle, inn cat, to me, that is)

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